Greater emphasis is also given to various Sports & other activities throughout the year.

Various Competitions are held to enhance the different qualities in students and encourage their potentials. To name a few: Handwriting, Drawing, Rangoli, Mehendi, Essay writing and Elocution etc.

Students’ are also encouraged to participate in Sports like Cricket, Carom, Table Tennis, Chess etc.

Students are trained for various ward-level Competitions & Quiz Programs.
They are also encouraged & trained to participate in Interschool Competitions.
Sports and Annual day events are organised.
School Celebrates Independence Day and Republic Day remembering those brave Leaders and Soldiers who fought for the independent India and founded the strong democratic base of India.
Various vibrant festivals like Dahi-Handi, Dhuleti, Navaratri and Christmas, are rejoiced to bring about community feeling.

Also Hindi day, Teachers Day, Founder’s day are celebrated.
We are a community which acts with integrity and treats one another with respect.
We believe in learning together as responsible global citizens.