Founder Members of Gujarati Medium - 1937

  • Late Shri H. K. Acharya
  • Late Shri N. V. Desai
  • Late Shri C. S. Thakkar
  • Late Shri D. D. Vyas
  • Late Shri T. B. Trivedi

The founder members were all from the teaching Community. They went door to door and increased the strength of the institution. Under the guidance of these able men and dedicated teachers, The Gujarati Medium of the School was adjudged as one of the best school’s in Matunga and neighbourhood. The ScThe ScThe School conducted various extra-curricular activities. This included Sports activities like Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, and several other indoor Games like Carom, Chess etc. It also included Scout & Guiding Camps, Social Gatherings, and Picnics & Field Trips etc.

From left to right – Shri C.S.Thakkar, Shri T.B.Trivedi, Shri N.V.Desai , Shri D.D.Vyas, Shri H.K.Acharya

Founder members of English Section – 1975

  • Shri A. P. Patel
  • Shri I. N. Shah
  • Late Shri B. H. Acharya
  • Late Shri R. J. Bhojak
  • Late Shri N. F. Purohit

under the guidance of Shri Balkrishna Acharya (Balabhai), Shri R.J.Bhojak, Shri A.P.Patel, Shri N.F.Purohit & Shri I.N. Shah, the school started its English Medium Which had developed into a full-fledged High School imparting education from Pre-Primary i.e. Nursery to Primary & Secondary upto 10th Grade.

In 1994, with the untimely death of Shri Balkrishna Acharya (Balabhai) and subsequent demise of Shri R. J. Bhojak, the institution experienced a lull.

In such tragic and tough times, Shri A. P. Patel & Shri I. N Shah , took the responsibility of running the Institution. Under their leadership, the institution could weather all storms and keep up its progress. Since then Shri A. P. Patel and Shri I. N. Shah have given their best to the School. They have been the back bone of the Institution.They always emphasised on quality teaching. The school earned its name and fame in and around Matunga in the field of education.

Smt Savitri Venkatraman, joined the School as a teacher and subsequently became Principal of the School in 1993.

In 2005, the new Chairman Shri Prahlad Acharya took prompt initiative and interest in the School’s Day to Day Activities and enabled us to surmount all the difficulties.

With her vision & management ability, Smt Savitri Vankatraman nicely carried out responsibility as a Principal of the School until she retired in 2010.

From left to right – Shri I. N. Shah, Late Shri N. F. Purohit,
Late Shri R. J. Bhojak, Late Shri B. H. Acharya, Shri A. P. Patel

Present Trusties

  • Shri A. P. Patel
  • Shri I. N. Shah
  • Shri P. H. Acharya
  • Smt R. P. Joshi

Today the School is successfully carrying out its activities with the able leadership of the existing Trustees & dedicated Teaching and administration Staff.