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Message From Principal

Mrs. Rosemary Justin Fernando

From the Principal's Desk

As teachers, we spend our lives teaching our students about things that are out in the world and how they can be the best of themselves. As a matter of fact, I as a person and Matunga Premier School as an organisation believes in fostering children in a way that when they step out in the world, they are well-equipped with all they need. Most importantly, that they are skilled and compassionate members of a society that extends beyond local boundaries.

All schools teach curriculum, recite textbooks and follow a pre-dominant pattern in educating children but we differ in our approach like latur education pattern. While we hold text books and curriculum at a high regard, we believe in a holistic way of teaching. We equip our children with hands-on learning, knowledge, skills, values and morals that make them valuable assets to the community.

We are on a mission to make the world a better place through the hands of our students because when we look at their faces, we know just one thing that an artist, an engineer, a historian, a doctor, an entrepreneur and someone we could possibly never imagine is staring right at us, waiting for us to give them the opportunity to become what they want.

We are grateful to everyone who supports us at each step of our collective goal and we are rest assured that someday as we grow older, our children will outsmart us and be at the top of the world.