Message from Principal

“My dear students, parents and all the premierites, As the Sun rises and brightens up the entire stratosphere, so does right education, which lightens up thoughts, deeds, visions, and makes life more prosperous and purposeful. Here in Matunga Premier School we believe that acting ethically is the vital responsibility. Good wishes to our management and teachers who have moulded the young minds and made a huge difference to each child’s life.

Here at our School we train our children to discover their inner talents, strengths and bring out their potentials to the maximum by providing areas of opportunities. We also inculcate moral values, pure conscience, Good Character Yielding to disciplined youngsters. The students in the past have made the School proud by achieving the goal of 100% result in SSC. They also participate in ward level science exhibition, Rangoli and Drawing exam etc. and bring laurels to our school. I appreciate and thank the School Management and teachers for their support in making our school one of the best in the vicinity. My sincere thanks to all the premierites for their tremendous support and contribution to bring a difference in the infrastructure, Happy journey to 2014”